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For more information call (408) 551-0884
Sun 10:00-11:30am F Ls UCSF (wheelchair accessible)
Langley Porter Bldg 
401 Parnassus, Rm LP-371
Mon 7:30-9:00pm N R Wc # Laguna Honda Hospital
375 Laguna Honda Blvd, Room 404
(near Forest Hill Muni)
Driveway to upper east parking lot
(park only in visitor spaces):
enter building at top, go down one floor (to 4th), room is across from pharmacy.
If on foot: enter main entrance, elevator to 4th floor, left down the main hall
100 yards!, Room 404 on left side.
Tues 6:30-8:00pm S Kaiser Chemical Dependency
Rehab Program
1201 Fillmore Street (at Turk)
Room 4
Wed 6:30-7:45pm F Dolores Park Church
455 Dolores
(enter at 65 Dorland)
Thur 9:00-10:00am S Castro Country Club
4058 18th Street
(Open, LGBT friendly)
Fri 6:45-8:00pm G L Saint Francis Lutheran Church
152 Church Street, left-side entrance
All are welcome
Sat 4:45-6:15pm S Sp Marina Dock
2118 Greenwich at Fillmore
Weekend Sunset or later T Ocean Beach bonfire (not every week)

For Changes Call Martin (415) 469-9733

C= Clean and Sober Doc= Mental Health Professionals F= Fragrance Free G= Gay
L= Lesbian Ls= Literature Study M= Men's N= Newcomer
P= Parents R= Rotating Format S= Step Study Sm= Smoking
Sp= Speaker T= Topic Disscussion W= Women's Wc= Wheelchair
#= Focus On Sponsorship      

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